Transformation program

Once business objectives and the cloud transformation strategy are aligned, it is time to start with the next stages. Some of the stages can run in parallel.
Transformation program

Once business objectives and the cloud transformation strategy are aligned, it is time to start with the next stages. Some of the stages can run in parallel.

Cloud Enablement

To ensure your organization is ready for the cloud transformation there are a number of activities that will need to be conducted. Below overview highlights a number of workstreams which will need to be reviewed as part of the Cloud Enablement stage.

  • Landing Zone definition, design and build
  • Governance & Operations
  • Security & Compliance
  • Skills assessment, Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Policy, people, process and tools capability uplift

Application Portfolio Assessment, Planning & Pilots

Every successful cloud adoption journey starts with a thorough assessment to discover the current landscape and define the desired outcome. This results in a clear overview of the steps to be taken and expertise and training needed to achieve a successful and sustainable cloud migration. Many of our services therefore start with our so-called ‘sprint zero’.

  • Define assessment framework
  • Application discovery, assessments, dependencies & dispositions
  • Define target architectures
  • Define migration roadmap
  • Establish migration estimates and validate Business Case
  • Conduct pilots
  • Define high-level and detailed level migration plans

This assessment stage will result in a High level design of the designated Cloud environment and a Backlog of activities that will need to be executed.

Shared responsibility: We have developed a model to enable and empower your organization along the way, during your cloud maturity journey. This results in a solid foundation of your cloud transformation and future success.

Cloud Migration & Testing

Once the Assessment and enablement phases have been conducted we will support you with the application and data migration. Below aspects will be part of this stage:

  • Performance base-lining
  • Testing & validation
  • Deployment & cutover
  • Transition into Service
  • Ongoing business case management

(Hybrid) IT Operations

The cloud brings new aspects for the IT operating model. Below items will be part of this stage:

  • Application sustainment across legacy and landing zone
  • Continuous improvement & maturity
  • Cloud cost, performance and process optimisation

I’ve enabled one of our clients to transform from a traditional datacenter hosted application landscape to Azure Service Fabric. From the business case, the high level design, infrastructure as code pipeline to the actual application transition I’ve been the frontrunner.
Joran Markx
I like to play a leading-role in the “cloud team” at the client, helping to make the cloud journey a success using our deep knowledge, experience and best-practices of AWS.
Bart Boonen

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