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BY Luuk Rutten

Would you like a fast track in understanding all new cloud services?

To help you speed up, our CloudNation colleagues started a series of video’s which will save you lots of time.
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In this video, AWS cloud engineer Luuk Rutten will share his experience in setting up secure connectivity to private application servers and databases using SSH tunnels.

Want to know more about the technical setup? Please visit the CloudNation GitHub  

Be successful in the cloud and subscribe to our CloudNation ‘’HOW TO – in the cloud” video’s!

No longer will the fast pace of innovation, be too challenging for you or do you need to find time to experiment and understand all new services.

Our video’s will give you a brief overview of and demonstrate cloud services that can improve your cloud infrastructure right away!

Follow our CloudNation YouTube channel or LinkedIn page for more tutorial video’s to come! Subjects:

• cloud custodian for governance and cost control
• multi-account architectures & control tower
• centralized logging using elasticsearch and lambda
• using transitive sessions tags for cross-account auditability
• using service control policies to restrict API access in application accounts
• use AWS SSO with federation
• AWS deployment framework
• GDRP compliancy with CheckPoints Dome9
• Lightweight SSH key management