Choose passion

What connects all Rebels at CloudNation is:
We do what we do with passion.


Be a top 3 cloud consultancy partner in the Netherlands, seen as thought leader and pioneer in our field.


Creating the optimal culture and learning environment for cloud engineers and consultants. People first. The rest will follow. It’s all about listening, focus, paying attention and making choices:

Career wishes over market demand. Quality over quantity. Innovative projects over opportunity. Objective advice over preferred outcome.

As a result, our colleagues are happy and attract more like-minded colleagues. Our customers are happy, they come back for more. Which ends up attracting more like-minded customers.

Simple right?

Boost your career

We believe that your market value is best served by diving deep into technology, while broadening your consulting skills. Be the expert that customers are willing to listen to. We’ll help you to identify cross-cloud platform concepts, so we can ride the waves of infinite cloud possibilities together.

Knowledge sharing, innovative projects and meet-ups while working on your personal and consultancy skills during our 2-year program, lead by 2 renowned coaches.

Join peers on all levels, that are just as motivated as you to share and inspire. No fixed career paths, grow at a pace that suits you best. Switch roles if you like, from more hands-on to more organizational oriented. However, we strongly believe tech remains key. It keeps you sharp and relevant.

Let’s Co-create

Your effort shapes the future of CloudNation, simple as that.

Your pro-active and curious mind matches our energetic and entrepreneurial spirit. Together, we continuously monitor and assess if your career path is on track: Still challenged or time for change? Aligning market opportunities with your interests is a joint responsibility. Together we decide what the best options are and how to help your customers thrive, so they’ll come back for more.


How would you like to shape your role?

Cloud engineer / consultant

Cloud is your future and you love translating that to the technical environment of our customers! You advise them for instance on K8s, Serverless Infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines and AI/ML.

Cloud Security Engineer / Consultant

Cloud is your future and you love translating that to the technical environment of our clients! Be it either compliance related or technical, your goal is ensuring top-notch cloud security for our clients.

Cloud Support Engineer

Become a master in the cloud by helping our customers!

Be selective

Choose us primarily on how we act, as a person.

Taking responsibility, self-determination, being approachable and attentive are qualities we value. Together we create an environment where everyone feels safe and appreciated for saying what they think, in a respectful manner. Know what you value in the people you work with and be selective in your choice for a new working environment. Check our technical capacities in the second step.

We like to work with people who take pleasure in making a difference for others. That makes work so much more fun, efficient and effective.


You are ‘hot’ in this tech driven world, so be selective in planning your next step.


Chat & connect.

Let’s meet and talk. About who you are, your dreams and ambitions. About who we are, what to expect and what not. Do you see yourself working in this environment?


Exchange ‘war stories’.

Tech and team talk. About past and present projects, experience and where the technical match is. Do you find yourself wanting to work with this team?



We are an entrepreneurial organization. We decide and act fast. We find a balance between wishes, market value and the ‘business case’.

In addition, you’re WELCOME to come over and join us for Friday drinks in our CN café and meet some Rebels.

No strings attached.

Intrigued? Come prepared!

It’s amazing to work at CloudNation.

They look at you as a person, what you like and what you do best. A lovely and fun group, but far more important, they’re motivated and innovative. Every week there’s something new to learn from other colleagues, because they learned new stuff in great projects.CloudNation helps me to get better every day, both in the technical aspect as well as on a personal level.”

Maurice Kleiberg
The creativity and entrepreneurship that belongs to a startup.

The optimal chance to develop myself at dashing speed in public cloud expertise, whilst having the freedom to choose my own path. The ambition of the company to belong to the best public cloud consultancy companies and to be part of that. Last but not least the open atmosphere and culture.

Mark Noorman