Alarming Shortcomings of Multi-Factor Authentication and Basic Security Practices in Dutch Companies

Erik Snijder Security competence lead
Publish date: 25 August 2023

A recent report from CBS (Statistic Netherlands) suggests that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the number one item on the basic security hygiene list, hasn't been implemented in over half of Dutch companies within certain sectors. This implies that following a successful phishing, smishing, or vishing attack on a user, the attacker gains direct access to the environment. If MFA were properly configured, even if a user clicks on a suspicious link, the attacker would not gain access. The reports demonstrates that also on other security measures especially the smaller companies are lacking basic security hygiene.  

It all starts with basic security hygiene 

According to a Microsoft's research, 98% of all attacks can be thwarted by maintaining good basic security hygiene. It's important to note that the term "basic" doesn't imply ‘easy’ in this context. Because where does ‘basic security hygiene’ start and where does it stop? How can I assess the quality of my current security posture, and what steps can I take to enhance it? Each year, more money is spent on cybersecurity, yet measuring its effectiveness remains challenging.  

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Erik knows how
Erik Snijder Security competence lead
Publish date: 25 August 2023

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