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Accelerate FinTech innovations with advanced security

Lower costs, accelerated marketing of new solutions and improved customer experience while complying with strict security and compliance requirements. Leverage the expertise our 60+ dedicated cloud natives gained during several FinTech projects.

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FinTech meets CloudNation

FinTech has caused quite a disruption in various sectors – the financial sector in particular. The establishment was challenged by new digital entrants with innovative and customer-friendly solutions drastically changing the way in which we communicate with financial institutions. This rapid transformation resulted in increased requirements. And these disruptive firms will continue to disrupt.

In many cases the cloud already was the foundation to build and scale their revolutions. CloudNation has supported a number of these parties over the past few years and helped create a wave of innovation by creating solid customer-friendly and very secure solutions.

Examples of recent FinTech projects are:

  • The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in customer-facing processes;
  • Mobile First and Embedded Finance (Buy Now, Pay Later);
  • Advanced cloud networking for cryptocurrency trades;
  • Ensuring optimal security and continuous compliance.

Do you have Fintech ambitions that should be realized in the cloud? CloudNation knows how.

No matter the phase of your cloud journey in the financial sector or as FinTech, CloudNation is there for you

Whether you want to migrate, optimize or innovate: CloudNation has the required knowhow to realize your ambitions.

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Refine business cases through a Strategy & Planning workshop

Discuss your business case with our dedicated FinTech cloud native consultants and explore the possibilities in detail by taking part in the Cloud Transformation Strategy & Planning workshop. The deliverable: an ambitious and realistic roadmap.

Strategy Workshop
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Landing Zone as a Service is the ideal foundation for FinTech

A job well conceived is a job half done. And that is where Landing Zone as a Service comes in: a well-architected, multi-account environment from where your team can quickly deploy and launch workloads and applications. With the use of an infrastructure that is optimized for governance, security and cost management.

Cloud migration
More information on Cloud security by CloudNation

Cloud security is essential for maximum leverage of the cloud. FinTech organizations must demonstrate that their security is top notch. CloudNation has the best practices and tools to achieve this.

Cloud security
Alexander Brouwer, CEO van VIVE
"With the help of CloudNation we passed the required PenTest with flying colors and were able to achieve a DNB banking license"

Alexander BrouwerCEO of VIVE

Accelerate growth with a secure cloud environment  within the legal and regulatory framework

The financial sector and FinTech are embedded in an environment that is increasingly regulated and monitored by regulators and authorities. The European Commission imposed more directives in 2022 to manage cyber risks throughout the financial sector (Digital Operational Resilience Act or DORA). CloudNation has the expertise and experience to ensure the cloud environment is secure and complies with legislation and regulations. We have already helped various customers pass audits by regulators with flying colors.

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Explore our study on the FinTech start-up VIVE

CloudNation helped the developers of the FinTech start-up VIVE to create a scalable and secure public cloud environment in a very short time. This was essential to enable growth and ensure continued compliance to achieve the DNB banking license.

VIVE success story
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Read how we supported the Deribit cryptocurrency trading platform

Cloud security is essential for maximum leverage of the cloud. FinTech organizations must demonstrate that their security is top notch. CloudNation has the best practices and tools to achieve this.

Deribit success story
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Security expert according to AWS & Microsoft

CloudNation has the AWS and Azure consultants and expertise required to realize a secure environment. This has resulted in a special AWS and Azure partner status.

AWS Security Competency
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CloudNation has been recognized as financial services partner by AWS

Our work in the financial industry has been acknowledged by AWS with the financial services competency partner status.

AWS Financial Services Competency

Support your team with CloudNation

Many organizations have an experienced development team, but limited resources. Joining forces and seeking collaboration can be a considered choice in such cases. We can offer various forms of support to accelerate cloud migration.

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Focus on innovation and deploy us for Managed Cloud Services

Hire us as your partner in management, while you remain in control. We help you configure, stabilize, optimize and manage the environment. Incidents and changes are dealt with as agreed upon to ensure you can focus your attention on core tasks.

Managed Cloud Services
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Enjoy agile support through the Cloud Competence Center

CloudNation complements your DevOps team. You gain full access to our specialized resources for your own cloud engineering operations. Improve your clout and develop the skills of your own DevOps team by having them cooperate with CloudNation.

Cloud Competence Center
App modernization
Keep up with the times through App modernization

When the time has come for your software to fully leverage all the cloud options, we are ready to help with a wealth of expertise and experience. We will also help you place your application in the cloud providers’ market to open new sales and payment channels.

App modernization

500+ organizations, including dozens in the financial sector, started their cloud journey with CloudNation

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