Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator

Building a solid foundation in the Public Cloud: a strategic beginning

The Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator is a thought-through, multi-account platform that allows your organization to confidently migrate workloads and applications to the public cloud. It includes a comprehensive set of best practices, scripts, and templates to help you get started.

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A solid foundation is essential for the success of your cloud journey

Getting started in the Public Cloud can be quite a challenge. Once you've made the decision to migrate to the Cloud, you'll want to ensure that the start is smooth and that you have a strong foundation to build on. The Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator lets you build a secure and scalable platform that handles authentication, centralized logging, and security in one place. It is the ideal solution for a successful start in the Cloud.

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Your benefits of our Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator

With our Accelerator you can set up the basis of your infrastructure thoroughly and securely to make migration to the cloud easier. With our best practices, scripts and templates you have a good foundation for your cloud journey.

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Do you want to know what to expect during a migration to the public cloud?

With our Cloud Readiness Assessment, we map out how you can migrate successfully and securely.

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What does the implementation of the Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator look like?

Before we implement the Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator for you, we take the time to thoroughly understand your specific organizational goals. We base our approach on your unique company profile, requirements, and planning. This results in a tailor-made Landing Zone that enables your organization, whether large or small, to get started in the Cloud quickly and efficiently.

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Components of the Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator

The Cloud Landingzone Accelerator provides an efficient solution for setting up a robust cloud environment, based on best practices. CloudNation creates a design that meets both current and future requirements, powered by Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Key features of the Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator include:

Yannick van Rooyen - Principal Consultant
Yannick van Rooyen, Principal Consultant

Questions about our Cloud Landingzone Accelerator?

Our Principal Consultant Yannick has developed many of these and is more than willing to share his expertise. No strings attached.

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