App modernization

Application modernization

Bringing your legacy applications up to speed for migration to the cloud: CloudNation knows how.

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Transform applications and become more agile and efficient by leveraging the public cloud capabilities. 

We accelerate your digital transformation by migrating applications to microservices architectures and through the use of containers, continuous delivery and a cloud-native tech stack.


The 6 most common reasons why organizations opt for application modernization by CloudNation

Most organizations have come to recognize the value of the cloud. The advantages are varied, but the following reasons are the most common with organizations:

  • High scalability;
  • Better cost-effectiveness: lower infrastructure costs and matching variable costs;
  • Better redundancy;
  • Much faster speed-to-market;
  • Ability to embrace the DevOps method with a continuous delivery process and increased productivity of developers;
  • More innovation power. 

Do you want to know exactly how much cost reduction can be achieved, by what factor the speed-to-market can be accelerated or what would be the best method for converting your monolithic application into a microservices infrastructure? We are more than willing to share our knowledge and expertise – no strings attached. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Simply rehosting traditional applications and platforms in the cloud is ineffective

It leads to unnecessary delay, inflated costs and disappointing performance. Legacy applications are often incapable of handling specific cloud properties, such as scalability. Optimal and cost-effective leverage of the cloud requires a new way of thinking and specifically built or optimized applications. CloudNation has the correct hard and soft skills to guide you through this transition of the application landscape.

You will effectively achieve the ultimate goal. We will map the possibilities and specify the costs involved – from development to management. We are standing by to help during each phase of the lifecycle. We have a people-first mindset: from adoption and learning to think the cloud way through to training and self-reliance in the cloud. We put people first. Because ultimately people make a difference, not technique. In practice this means we can also provide your developers with training and workshops on how to leverage the cloud. To ensure you can embrace the cloud and make optimum use of it.

Thijs Ramaker - CloudNation Consultant
Thijs Ramaker, Customer Success Manager / Mission Critical Cloud

Modernize your apps with CloudNation 

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Related application modernization case study

CloudNation, in conjunction with Innvolve, helped Greenwheels to migrate to the public cloud to achieve more agility, reliability and availability for their platform. 

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Greenwheels zwart
“We were mainly looking for a partner who could take us by the hand and teach us how to go to the cloud and become self-sufficient. We wanted a partner who would perform this migration with us, not for us.”

Sander GroenenbergIT Manager

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Meet the App Modernization Accelerator program

The App Modernization Accelerator program is a 5-day approach that maps the advantages you may achieve by modernizing your applications. These include scalability, cost optimization and acceleration of the time-to-market. After five days we present a roadmap of best practices for your cloud journey, followed up by a workshop.


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