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Implementation fast track windows virtual desktop for remote working

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Publish date: 1 April 2020

WVD has received lots of traction in the market by providing a cost-effective Desktop as a Service solution. It delivers remote workers a modern and solid remote desktop or just the applications nicely integrated with services like Office 365.

Need help onboarding?

To help our customers with onboarding to Windows Virtual Desktop, we have developed a FastTrack to get you up-and-running within a few weeks!

Our FastTrack in just 3 steps:

1. Define

Kickoff introduction workshop

During this workshop we present the FastTrack project and identify the team and timelines

Deep dive technical session

Together with your IT team, we will discuss topics like identity, security, networking, monitoring and operating the WVD solution.

Define the design

We will draw the overall design with the outcome of the deep dive technical session. The design is presented and approved by the project team.

2. Build

Setup prerequisites

All required components we need for the deployment needs to be prepared. Required components could be subscriptions, azure ad, service principals and hybrid networking.

Deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop

With the prerequisites in place, we can configure the environment in just a few hours. We have developed a scripted deployment, which provides you with a solid and tested WVD deployment. 

3. Adopt

Train the trainer 

When the service is running, you need to onboard your users. How to login, use Multi-factor authentication, start applications and more.

Training for your IT personnel

When WVD is running, your IT department should be able to run and operate this environment. We will train your staff to be able to manage the environment themselves. Not comfortable with managing the WVD yourself? We can offer you WVD as a managed service.

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CloudNation Enable. Empower. Deliver.
Publish date: 1 April 2020

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