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Publish date: 10 September 2020

Fundaments and CloudNation work closely together on IT transformation issues, both in transforming existing applications to Public Cloud and in developing new services in Public Cloud. They work according to the sprint methodology. During sprint 0 (Cloud Readiness Assessment) the current environment and wishes of the customer are inventoried, after which the first phase (Define and Design) consists of preparing a backlog for automated building in Public Clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google. Lastly, during the second phase (Build and Iterate), the established backlog is executed and the managed environment built. This is all about guaranteeing quality and consistency: scripting the infrastructure and application(s) with so called Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is essential in this.

During the IT transformation, the customer comes first: preferably sprints are carried out together. This does not only provide the customer with knowledge, but also with insight into the importance of changing concepts in order to use Public Cloud properly. The end result is always the same: simply, quickly and consistently roll out a Platform as a Service in which an application can be used. After the transformation, Fundaments will remain primary contact with its experienced service desk. Services such as monitoring, back-up and contingency, but also change and incident response, form the managed services.

Larik-Jan Verschuren, CTO at Fundaments: “Our customers now often run in the Fundaments Cloud. However, some have an international ambition and want to be able to scale at different geolocations. We then look with the customer and CloudNation to see whether a transformation to the public cloud is a good option. Based on our many years of knowledge and experience with our own Cloud infrastructure, we know better than anyone how to build bridges and thus realize hybrid solutions in addition to complete transformations to public cloud. ”
By adding the competence of CloudNation to its expertise, Fundaments can invest more quickly in a Managed Public Cloud proposition. “This saves us a lot of time and money, so we can really accelerate. In addition, we help CloudNation by providing our managed services and we exchange our knowledge with each other. This really completes the teamwork.” says Larik-Jan Verschuren.

Arjen Vriens, Co-founder of CloudNation: “The adoption of public cloud in the form of AWS or Azure is becoming commonplace. In order to get through this IT transformation properly and to anchor it within the organization, it is important to have a solid foundation. Though to realize this, the right competence is required. We started CloudNation to be this external "Cloud Center of Competence" for third parties and support a wide variety of customers with generic Cloud expertise, but also very specific issues such as Cloud networking and connectivity or application modernization issues. Our partnership with Fundaments gives this an extra dimension by means of a managed service proposition. ”

Would you like to learn more about Public Cloud transformation? Larik-Jan Verschuren (Fundaments) and Arjen Vriens (CloudNation) tell all about it during their Cloud Expert Class. This will be published on 5 October via:


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CloudNation Enable. Empower. Deliver.
Publish date: 10 September 2020

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