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Cloud Workplace

Your ideal workplace, mobile and secure

In the “mobile first, cloud first” world we live today, employees get used to have access to applications and data anytime, anywhere, any place.

Also work-life balance is important, as well as the ability to plan your worktime in a flexible way. Therefore, more and more organizations choose to facilitate their employees with a mobile device like a laptop and, if possible, deliver services from the cloud.

The Modern Workplace of CloudNation fits perfectly in this concept and can be seen as the foundation of modern organizations.

Put employees in the center

Employees use multiple laptops, tablets and mobile phones for their primary work process. Some of these devices are delivered and managed by their employer, some are not.

With the possibility to manage the company owned devices with Mobile Device Management and secure applications with Mobile Application Management, we create a location independent and secure work environment with maximum flexibility.

In this way organizations put their employees in the center and the Modern Workplace supportive to the work process instead of the other way around.

Secure organization data

Simplicity and security most of the time are opposites. But with the Modern Workplace, both are combined with e.g. biometric login like face recognition or fingerprint authentication.

This can be used to authenticate with an application or login to a desktop. This way of authentication together with Multi-Factor Authentication will reduce the risk of damage like data leaks dramatically when user identity is stolen.

Securing organization data and offer easily accessible applications in which this data is used, is often hard to achieve.

With the Modern Workplace we have multiple possibilities to secure applications like enforce certain compliancy and conditional access rules or enforce configuring a password for certain applications on unmanaged devices.

Curious if it fits your organization?

The CloudNation Modern Workplace not only optimally matches the wishes of your employees, but also your existing infrastructure, management organization and budget.

For one group of employees, the ideal workplace consists of a virtualized environment where the workplaces are offered from the data center.

Others are better off with a solution based on a laptop or tablet that uses applications primarily in the form of (cloud) services.

The CloudNation Modern Workplace provides both workplace architectures that can be used alone or in combination.


Do you want to realize the CloudNation Modern Workplace for your organization? Let us know!

We give you advice and inspiration. We share our practical experiences with you and help to make the right choices between pleasant, safe and cost-conscious working.

The result is a modern, safe and future-proof workplace.

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