Solving the gaps in multi-cloud networking

Mark Noorman Principal Consultant
Publish date: 15 December 2020

At the start of 2020 CloudNation has become a founding partner for Aviatrix in The Netherlands. In this blog we would like to provide some more insights as why we made this decision, and the reasons both companies fit together so well.

#1: we’re both multi-cloud native

Both CloudNation and Aviatrix are relatively young companies, being respectively 2 and 6 years old. So both companies are born in the cloud era, and have a 100% focus on cloud challenges. Naturally integration with on-premises datacenter and office locations is part of our work and the solutions we design, however we do that by using cloud native technologies like infrastructure as code.

 #2: cloud networking is fundamental
As an increasing number of companies adopts public cloud and more workloads are deployed or migrated, connectivity becomes vital. It is crucial that end users and datacenter workloads are able to access your public cloud environment, and requirements like bandwidth, latency/jitter, overlapping IP ranges and encryption are taken into account. We see our customers looking at such challenges, and Aviatrix is a company that can solve many of them.

 #3: multi-cloud will become the new normal

As companies grow, their business-critical workloads often evolve to complex multi-cloud constructs spanning intra and inter region. Maintaining visibility and control over your cloud networking becomes key for a successful cloud transformation. Cloud-native and legacy transit network solutions are static, do not scale and often do not provide the enterprise functionality our clients seek. This gap is now filled with Aviatrix’ intelligent solutions.

#4: customers demand network analytics & visibility

It’s daily that we see customers struggle with native networking solutions. The absence of BGP logging, limitations of IPsec VPN for connecting with partners, lack of insight into application flows for performance or compliance control, etc. Most cloud services have limitations on such aspects, again companies like Aviatrix help solve those gaps and provide IT teams with the tooling they were accustomed to having in the datacenter, enabling them to solve problems quicker and even respond proactively. If you’d like to discover more use cases or follow the latest additions for the application of Aviatrix Products, we can highly recommend the Tuesday Tech Talk webinar series, Now available on-demand.

 #5: we both partner & integrate

We at CloudNation firmly believe in the creation of ecosystems. During our two years existence we have created partnerships with several other companies and cooperate where possible. We clearly see an advantage where partners provide products or expertise to help solve the challenges that our customers are facing. Aviatrix has a comparable approach, so their solutions fully integrate with third party security vendors such as Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, also a CloudNation partner. Check Point’s CloudGuard solution brings your well-established security gateway policies to the cloud. However, as stated previously, cloud-native networking constructs are static and introduce operational complexity. This again leads to lack of visibility and degradation in performance. These are challenges we recognize. In Aviatrix’s latest TechTalk, Check Point joins the discussion on how to overcome these complexities and tradeoffs to get the most out of Check Point’s security gateways in the cloud. Now available on-demand.


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Mark Noorman Principal Consultant
Publish date: 15 December 2020

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