Cloud Competence Center

Cloud Competence Center

CloudNation’s support for your team. CloudNation has developed a comprehensive enterprise-class service to offer customers and partners the capability to up the development of their cloud-native environment.

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DevOps as a Service

Improve your cloud and develop the skills of your own DevOps team by having them cooperate with CloudNation


Increase your competitive lead with our Agile support

Suppose you have insufficient internal resources to support the transition or deployment? Or suppose you see an opportunity to keep ahead of the competition by releasing faster? CloudNation offers the Cloud Competence Center as a managed service: DevOps as a Service. Support your team of developers with knowhow of our specialists.

We offer an Agile approach and all the necessary roles to develop your cloud environment and application landscape in time and within budget. You gain flexibility, smooth transition of resources and access to an enormous knowledge base. This will enable you to continuously make great leaps forward.

the Concept

How the Cloud Competence Center gives you a competitive edge

CloudNation’s experience, tools and operations ensure you have a safer and better performing system with less downtime and faster deployment of updates. We become an extension of your developers. A sounding board for ideas. Whether it concerns design, planning, deployment or configuration: CloudNation knows how. Collaboration is what sets us apart. We do not work for you, we work with you. This enables our customers to focus on what they do best: running their business without having to worry about failing systems.


Advantages of our Cloud Competence Center

We have one goal: quickly provide concrete added value. The Cloud Competence Center makes outsourcing CloudNation profitable. You gain the correct flexibility and required areas of expertise:

  • Scalable support as needed;
  • Significantly improved time to market;
  • Specialists in AWS, GCP, OCI, Azure and more;
  • Improved throughput and productivity;
  • Reduced risks as you have access to the correct skills and knowhow early;
  • Operations automation;
  • On the job learning from the very best cloud consultants;
  • Troubleshooting with the resources available at that time while processes and tools are gradually being improved to effect lasting positive change;
  • We focus on the result, continue your developers’ momentum and make the whole environment reliable.

Cloud Devops acceleration

Your own Cloud Competence Center

Our Cloud Competence Center is not only deployed by organizations working in the cloud but is often also utilized as a flexible shell for ecosystem partners. Our specialists complement your team, while your team remains in control of the customer relationship.

You gain full access to our specialized resources for your own cloud engineering operations. However, this service offers more than just resources. You benefit from certified people, industry best practices, flexibility in up- and down-scaling, smart use of vendor funding and proven turnkey scripts that can be reused.

Arjen Vriens - Co-Founder
“Our Cloud Competence Center ensures that your cloud ambitions are achieved quicker and offers full transparency of, and access to, industry best practices. This provides a solid foundation and assures compliance.”

Arjen VriensCo-founder CloudNation

Joran Markx
Joran Markx, co-founder CloudNation

Interested in a Cloud Competence Center of your own?

  • Do you want insight into the costs?
  • Do you have questions about the process flow or sprints?
  • Best practices or infrastructure references?

Contact co-founder Joran. He is more than willing to share his expertise, no strings attached.

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Skills & competences overview

3 competence profiles
to choose from

Principal DevOps Consultant

Technical Manager/Consultant in the area of architecture and development of the designated cloud platform. Monitors the full cloud architecture stack. Has extensive knowhow of and experience in design and the consequences for development and operations. Tasks for Infra and Dev/Sec/Ops teams can be separated. The Principal Consultant is hands-on and realizes industry best practices.

Medior DevOps Consultant

Can be deployed for consultancy and engineering for fine-tuning, detaching monolithic or N-tier applications in microservices with application optimization patterns and best practices. Designs and develops cloud solutions across the whole platform. Is owner of the project’s development. Creates new capabilities for supplementary added value.

Junior DevOps Consultant

Can be deployed for consultancy and engineering relevant to the delivery of cloud architectures across the whole platform. Is owner of the project’s development and support.

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