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Optimally secure your cloud environment

Whether you are just starting your cloud adventure or are already a seasoned cloud expert, it is important that your organization's cloud security is in good order for top results in the public cloud. Whatever your situation, we are ready to help you with your cloud security and governance needs.

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First, let's discuss why cloud security is so critical to your business.

Once your data crosses the boundaries of your internal network, it becomes essential to protect it from hackers and cyber attacks. It is very important to pay extra attention to security measures, as the threat is often less visible.


Common Cloud Security challenges

  • Implementation of advanced tools for real-time monitoring and threat detection;
  • The switch from conventional IT security to cloud-enabled security;
  • The (missing) awareness that being compliant and being safe are not the same;
  • Creating detailed guidelines and implementation plans to ensure full compliance with security tools;
  • Develop training programs to equip DevOps teams with the necessary skills and insights for effective security within their area of responsibility;
  • Passing PenTests and audits for certifications;
  • Automated continuous demonstrable measuring and reporting on the current safety of the environment;
  • Lack of knowledge or specialists in the field of cloud security;
  • Connecting on-premises security to the public cloud.

CloudNation HealthCheck

Gain comprehensive insights into your potential security and compliance risks.

Request our HealthCheck and get quick and effective answers to the following questions:

  • Is our cloud environment secure?
  • How do you measure 'security'?
  • What can I do to enhance security?

Ways CloudNation can help you with cloud security

Our Cloud Security experts can support your organization in various ways, tailored to the specific needs of your situation. Some commonly used methods that we employ include:

Alexander Brouwer, CEO van VIVE
Alexander Brouwer, CEO van VIVE
"With the help of CloudNation we passed the required PenTest with flying colors and were able to achieve a DNB banking license."
Alexander Brouwer, CEO of VIVE
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Cloud providers where we ensure top notch cloud security:

Examples of cloud security & governance advice and support



We define your path to a cloud-first strategy by identifying critical assets. A clear cloud-first strategyis critical to managing the complexity and risks that the cloud brings. Moreover, it provides the pathto governance and compliance.


We provide risk management and mitigation before, during and after a cloud migration to minimize exposure during projects.


We raise stakeholder awareness through workshops and training to build a sound foundation for cloud security and help them make better decisions about business risks.


We analyze your current cloud environment based on best practices and make recommendations regarding security, governance, resource optimization and cloud spending. We do this via our CloudNation HealthCheck.


We assess the organization and report on security and compliance requirements. In this way we identify existing gaps between the requirements and the current situation.


We provide automation and integration to ensure that systems and policies remain in line with best practices.


We provide training and education for security teams and SOCs to enable them to apply cloud security best practices and remain compliant with external regulations and internal security policies.

Different ways of thinking

3 cloud security scenarios

cloud - Container Security
Container Security

Embracing cloud-native technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, is essential to creating a competitive advantage. Cloud native is the new standard. As acceptance of these new container technologies increases, so should concerns about the security of containerized environments. The main priority is ensuring that everything in the container environment works as intended.

cloud - Serverless Security
Serverless Security

Applying serverless computing, such as AWS Lambda and Azure Functions, is essential to fully leverage the cloud’s potential. However, securing this can be challenging as visibility becomes more difficult and new attack vectors are continually being introduced. The serverless operational model requires a paradigm shift in the way application security is dealt with. In our experience it is best to tackle serverless security risks as early in the design phase as possible to mitigate exploitation at later stages.

cloud - DevSecOps

DevOps security should also be integrated in the lifecycle of applications. Conventional security policies and routines can become a bottleneck in CI/CD pipelines. This in turn can result in total security neglect. Modern issues require modern solutions. With DevSecOps it is all about built-in security, security by design and the integration of two contradictory goals – speed and security – from start to finish. As cloud natives we operate in accordance with these principles on a daily basis.

CloudNation Security blogs and articles

Read about concrete case studies and use cases and learn from our consultants.

Erik Snijder - cloud security consultant
Erik Snijder, Principal Cloud Security Consultant
"Cloud security is always mentioned as one of the biggest mountains organizations have to scale to realize their cloud ambitions. But do not worry, we can scale that mountain together."
Erik Snijder, Principal Cloud Security Consultant
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