Data & AI: Create Business Value through data

Enhance the performance of your organization with the help of the latest data technologies, including the newest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). CloudNation knows how to leverage your data to achieve business objectives and create substantial value for your organization.

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We believe in personalized, tailor-made solutions.

These are the services and solutions that we provide in the field of data and AI.

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Data Engineering

Collect and process data

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Integrate machine learning into operational processes

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Machine Learning Solutions

Develop data-driven solutions using machine learning

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Platform & Integration

Create seamless collaborations between diverse systems and platforms

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Generative AI & LLM

Discover the possibilities of generative AI


Boost your productivity with AI

In this two pager we'll explain how to successfully implement the AI Summary Generator and boost your productivity.


Cloud Data Management

Organizations that effectively utilize data provide better customer service and make smarter decisions leading to improved outcomes. To extract real value from your data, you need a data strategy and the ability to take action. CloudNation offers various solutions to ensure that you maximize the value of your data, thereby achieving better results.

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Mastering AI: A Guide for IT Managers on Leveraging Azure OpenAI and AI Services

This e-Book aims to guide you through the essential features and functions of Azure AI services, illuminating its potential applications and the substantial benefits it can offer your organization.

Whether you’re an experienced AI practitioner or new to the field, our goal is to provide a comprehensive yet straightforward understanding of Azure OpenAI service and related AI services.

AI e-book
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Why choose for CloudNation

Our cloud-native consultants are known for:

Dedicated experts and leading cloud expertise

Our cloud native experts have extensive knowledge of data solutions. Our consultants have short lines of communication with customers.

Customized cloud guidance

Our team of dedicated cloud experts are ready to guide you through the complex landscape of the cloud. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we ensure that your organization remains at the forefront of the digital world.

Rapid innovation

Innovation and learning are our driving forces, and we embrace this in all our services. We work at high speed to deliver solutions and are happy to share our innovative approaches so you can achieve your goals.

Agile approach

We think testing and learning are essential. With broad experience of applying agile practices, we embrace and extend them to data projects.

Tim Schönborn

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Specialist in the field of data & AI.

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