AWS Ambassador Danny Steenman looks back on day 1 at re:Invent 2022

Danny Steenman Principal Consultant
Publicatiedatum: 29 november 2022

A CloudNation delegacy of four talented cloud engineers has made their way to Las Vegas to be a part of AWS re:Invent 2022. In these blogs they will share their most interesting learnings, experiences and views on everything happening. Exciting right? 

This blog is written by Danny Steenman, live from Vegas!

I started out this morning walking around the Venetian to kill some time before my first session. There I found a couple of other AWS community builders. It was great seeing them in person, since you're used to talk virtually.

My first session at re:Invent 2022 was a chalk talk about: Exploring the serverless developer experience with TypeScript


I've learned how Sam CLI has great integration built in from scratch.

So for example, if you start a project from scratch the "sam init" command. The tool walks you through the steps to initialize a new SAM project.

It contains a bunch of blueprints including pipelines for gitlab and github. Plus it allows you to easily configure and set up openID Connect, and Lambda powertools.

The second session was a workshop about: "Building a monitoring strategy"


We got a use case of a company that manages more than 100.000 IoT devices and the goal was to identify the key metrics and roles within the company to increase observability and then create monitoring strategy.

The last session of the day was: "Architecting secure serverless applications"


This breakout session dove a bit deeper in how lambda functions are secured under the hood. Cool new thing that was shown was that you're now able to discover and protect sensitive data in motion on SNS with the new SNS data protection feature.


A couple of announcements that piqued my interest:

"Delegated administrator for AWS Organizations"

Since we build a lot of multi-account set ups for our customer landing zones, having more fine grained controls on the permissions within the organization allows us to move control to other accounts instead of keeping it all within the management account.

Click here to read more about it.


"Amazon ECS Service Connect Enabling Easy Communication Between Microservices"

It's great that you now can easily integrate ECS services that are deployed on multiple ECS clusters in different AWS VPC's. That allows you to easily expand further when building microservices with multiple teams.

Click here to read more about it.

See you tomorrow!

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Danny Steenman - Principal Cloud Consultant CloudNation
Danny Steenman Principal Consultant
Publicatiedatum: 29 november 2022

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