Uniserver and CloudNation join forces to become the #1 cloud specialist in the Netherlands

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Publicatiedatum: 3 maart 2022

Alkmaar/Bunnik, 1st of March 2021Dutch cloud distributor Uniserver Group takes a majority interest in public cloud specialist CloudNation. By joining forces Uniserver Group and CloudNation will be able to offer complete expertise in the area of cloud services for Managed Service Providers, Independent Software Vendors and companies. The participation fits Uniserver’s buy-and-build strategy to build a Dutch ecosystem which MSP’s, ISV’s and companies can consult for all their cloud related questions. The Uniserver Group previously took over cloud specialists like Denit, Micros Internet and the data center infrastructure from Detron and Soluno BC.


Ronald Bezuur, CEO of Uniserver Group: “There is a big demand for knowledge on multi-cloud solutions in the Netherlands. With CloudNation within our ecosystem, we will be able to fulfill this demand through the ever growing private cloud service of Uniserver Group. With more than 200 cloud specialists we can answer every question around private, public and multi cloud. This is the next step in our ambition to become the Liander of Dutch cloud services.


CloudNation has only been active for 2,5 years but has since become one of the few independent public cloud service providers for MSP’s, ISV’s and end costumers in the Netherlands. Arjen Vriens, one of the three fellow founders and shareholders (together with Bart Boonen and Joran Markx), says that CloudNation has obtained an important position in the Dutch market because of their independent approach. “It is our ambition to become the biggest independent public cloud specialist for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform in the Netherlands. A lot of organizations are considering a transformation of their IT environment or are already working on the implementation of a public cloud based IaaS or PaaS solution. During the orientation fase and the first few steps of the transformation, they will hit a roadblock of a lack of knowledge and experience. We see a lot of opportunities to accelerate these companies and share knowledge while we take their IT to the public cloud.”


Frank Kurstjens, founder and former shareholder of CloudNation, is proud of what the team has achieved in the last 2,5 years. Kurstjens has helped the other three shareholders in the growth spurt, but has now decided to step down. “I am very proud to transfer my share to the Uniserver Group, so that the team gets all the opportunities to keep growing and to become the market leader as the biggest independent Dutch public cloud specialist. Together they will develop great services and continue the growth from the last 2,5 years.”


About CloudNation

CloudNation offers a cloud transcending proposition that gives organizations the opportunity to accelerate in realizing their public cloud transformation. The independent advice is based on AWS, Azure, GCP or Oracle Cloud and gets delivered in the form of expertise on temporary or project basis. CloudNation is Advanced Partner of AWS and has multiple Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations. CloudNation also has partnerships with several technology partners that are adjacent to the core activities, among which: Aviatrix, SumoLogic, Orca Security and Checkpoint.


About Uniserver Group

Uniserver Group offers IT organizations the freedom and security to focus on their own strength: creating value for costumers and end users. With the best infrastructure in Dutch data centers, 99,98% percent up-time, a partner-only model and the best cloud solutions, Uniserver Group enables their customers to develop innovative ICT services for their clients. Uniserver Group intensively works together with her partners to provide maximum added value for end customers. Uniserver Group is the only company in the Netherlands to work with a partner-only model. This is why Uniserver partners are actual partners and not competitors. More than 150 IT service providers have been choosing Uniserver. Uniserver Group has 200 professionals serving thousands of end costumers. 

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CloudNation Enable. Empower. Deliver.
Publicatiedatum: 3 maart 2022

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