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Publicatiedatum: 23 augustus 2021

Cloud technology is swiftly becoming the main and ultimately only vessel for computing, data storage, communication and software integration. The future IT landscape will be based on hybrid cloud, where conventional IT systems are replaced or augmented by cloud technology. The peculiar thing is that an overwhelming majority of companies around the globe acknowledge the importance and relevance of cloud as the future IT operating model, but only a few percent of the conventional IT systems have actually been replaced by cloud-based technology.

Maybe that’s because organisations don’t know where or how to begin. Or maybe it’s just because only a few of the numerous advantages of a cloud-based IT operating model are clearly understood at all by decision makers all the way up to the board room. That is why we will provide you with some extra ammunition in convincing yourself and your colleagues to start the process of migrating to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Today. 



Let’s get right to it. Using the cloud in the correct way provides you with the ability to save money on your IT operations. No matter how many other benefits we may list, this is the one that will have all the heads turning. This cost reduction comes about because of the fact that when you migrate to the AWS cloud, there are no expensive contracts you need to worry about. Setting up the cloud in the correct way and making an analysis of your application landscape is crucial to get this benefit from your new cloud-based IT operating model. You only pay for the things you use and the amount in which you use them, which are storage space, apps and computing power. Because of this high level of scalability, you don’t have to worry about expansions you are already forced to buy for the possibility of future need. You just pay for what you use at a specific moment in time, whenever that is. Need more bandwidth, storage or an application upscale? You get it on the spot. 



Contrary to popular belief, cloud computing holds a magnificent level of security. A label like ‘public cloud’ may lead one to believe that all data are out on the streets and available to everyone, but the opposite is true. ‘Public’ simply means that the cloud technology itself is available across the board. As far as security is concerned, the AWS platform provides a wealth of security processes and features that no other company would ever be able to integrate in their own datacenter. The future IT operating model based on hybrid cloud will have a shared responsibility model. AWS will take care of datacenter security where you as a user will have the responsibility of putting in place all the security features AWS has to offer. 





Steady, stored for eternity and as risk-free as can be. The AWS cloud’s performance is a force to be reckoned with. With the possibility of downtime virtually reduced to zero, your company never has to suffer the dramatic effects of an outage. In order for a platform to become trusted by millions of users around the world, companies have to be able to blindly depend on it. Continuous improvement of the infrastructure makes sure you can, now and in the future. That’s quite a step up from malfunctioning servers and the constant fear of data loss, isn’t it? 



Let’s paint the picture of yore. In the olden days you had to keep updating your failing server and make sure the walls of your security were up. Your IT operations were a bottleneck for innovation. The main questions were: do we want to go fast, or stay secure? Do we have to run this update right now? Should we install it at night or next weekend? Do we need it at all? How long will it take? All of this noise just pulled you away from your core business. With the AWS cloud, you never have to worry about updates ever again. If you migrate and implement correctly, you always automatically use the latest version, which is conveniently compliant to the high security standards of the moment. What a relief, you only have to do your job!

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Publicatiedatum: 23 augustus 2021

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