Temporary offer: free of charge implementation of remote work tools

Jeffrey de bruin Cloud Consultant
Publicatiedatum: 20 maart 2020

Because everyone at CloudNation wants to contribute their support to remote work and global health in these unpredictable times, we are happy to announce our - temporarily free of charge - services to organizations that currently have issues in that area:

  • We implement the Microsoft Teams solution for your organization: FREE OF CHARGE
  • We implement the AWS Workspaces solution for your organization:  FREE OF CHARGE and even cover the AWS costs if you want to start before April 1st 

Working remotely... It is still a topic of discussion in many organizations. Should we allow this and if so, how are we going to offer and make this work exactly for the scale needed (to read our blog about peak usage click here).

As a multi-cloud organization, CloudNation offers multiple cloud solutions focused on End User Computing. Think of Microsoft Teams or Amazon WorkSpaces in combination with Amazon WorkDocs.


To make working from home possible for organizations in a fast way, without incurring huge costs, Microsoft offers a free 6-month trial of the Microsoft Teams premium version. The free version of Teams limits users in terms of the amount of calling and meeting features, and they therefore now offer the paid version much longer for free to support remote work and global health.

Also, Microsoft has developed a “Crisis Communication” app, which can be downloaded by every customer for free. The biggest benefit of this app (which can be added in Microsoft Teams) is the possibility of sharing organization wide news, FAQs and contact information for emergencies. The app also helps your employees with the latest news about government recommendations and news from experts in the field of (in this case) the corona virus.


In these times Amazon also thinks along with organizations where working from home is extremely important for continuity and productivity. The use of Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon's Desktop-as-a-service solution, can offer a solution and is offered free of charge from April 1 (no joke) for up to 50 employees for 3 months. Together with Amazon Workspaces, also Amazon WorkDocs can be used. This content and collaboration service runs on Amazon Web Services and can therefore be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Also Joe Trelli wrote a nice blog where he gives best practices for remote work with Amazon Chime, the online meetings and video conferencing tool of Amazon.

Are you interested in one of these products but don't know where to start? Or do you have other requirements/wishes to answer your question and are you looking for an organization that can think along with you? Then we’d like to get in touch with you! 

CALL ARJEN VRIENS (CCO) ON +31 6 53983982

As with all free offers there is of course some fine print, but we are sure we can work that out. Just contact us to discuss!

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Jeffrey de bruin Cloud Consultant
Publicatiedatum: 20 maart 2020

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