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Allowing us to continuously respond to your changing needs and business case. Whether we deliver our services in end-to-end projects or add expertise to your team, we always work with clear milestones and deliverables.

Shared Responsibility

We help you in achieving your business goals by means of accelerating your IT transformation. We strive to work in a partnership with your own team to keep track of goals and deliver tangible results. This will help you to stay ahead in the cloud!

We aim to empower you by sharing responsibilities which will make you independent of us.
This enables you to have continuous value of your investments and keep control. Freedom facilitates movement.


Cloud strategy and migration consulting

We develop a comprehensive cloud strategy and migration plan. Deliverables will be tailored to your situation, but will include executive alignment workshops, cloud readiness assessment, architecture & roadmap design, platform workshop, proof of concept, technology & business case development.


Cloud design, review and coaching

Every customer situation is different and needs a tailored approach. Based on years of experience, our teams combine ‘well-architected’ best practices from cloud vendors and apply these to the customer specific environment. We take end-to-end ownership of design, build the cloud environment and migrate data and applications.


Application discovery and assessment

This is a critical step in the successful data and application migration process. It helps to determine application technology and infrastructure, application dependencies and the complexity of the current landscape. It increases data accuracy and improves migration confidence level with a detailed migration plan which includes clear milestones and timelines.


Cloud Security Advisory

Our advanced approach helps you to put the appropriate processes and controls in place to ensure continuous security and compliance in the cloud. Not sure about your current cloud security posture? By means of applying best practices and tooling, we validate your cloud environment and provide recommendations about the actions that have to be taken to be and remain secure in the cloud. This way, we enable customers to embrace and adopt cloud with the confidence that their defenses are effective and robust.

Best Practice

Blue print your future IT systems and operating model, learn from what others did and let us help you to define your successful cloud journey.

We see your digital transformation as a fusion between business and IT. It is an organisational change requiring mutual trust and shared understanding. We provide new methods of working and help you build specific cloud expertise and skill sets.


Cloud landing zone design & delivery

The cloud landing zone is a solution for quickly setting up a best practice based, secure and multi-account cloud environment. CloudNation delivers the design based on actual as well as future requirements and the infrastructure will be delivered as code (IaC).

The delivery supports our customers with a well architected framework with all governance needed to run their cloud projects now and in the future. The cloud landing zone is the best starting point to have a save and continuous journey in the cloud.


Application migration

We support customers with strategic decisions about application and data migration. The migration strategy will be built upon the 5 R’s that Gartner outlined (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Retire, Retain). We consider business goals, application capacities and costs of migration to provide customers with the best recommendation.

In case of Replatforming and Refactoring it’s important to identify which services as part of the solution can be based on cloud native managed services.


Governance & project management office

Governance defines process, policy and criteria which is required for decision making. PMO is required to track measures of success, milestone planning and scope management.

For successful mass migrations we define a governance model to cover security, financial, performance, collaboration and communication.


Cloud billing and cost management

CloudNation can take ownership of the billing process of our customers’ cloud provider. While we handle the billing, we provide them with valuable insight of the monthly consumption of their cloud services.

As part of this service we include proactive cost optimization recommendations, which ensures a lower bill or better performance at similar cost.


Start your IT transformation in the fifth gear with people who have done this before and are driven to enable, deliver and empower.

We enable you by leveraging best practices which are validated by AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform.


Second opinion with our HealthCheck

We analyze your current cloud set-up and validate against industry best practices. Many public cloud deployments have been outgrowing their original purpose and are implemented as the new normal.

Despite potential issues related to security, compliance, performance, scalability and other elements which can directly impact the business objectives.

To sustain and enlarge the value of our customers’ cloud environment, we provide an objective analysis of the current environment and make recommendations with respect to security, governance, resource optimization and provide you with a concrete plan for remediation of the existing cloud environment.


Workplace transition and management

Workplace flexibility is top priority for every organization. At the same time mobility, security and productivity are top of mind. The transition of traditional workplaces to a modern (cloud)workplace can be complex and needs a structured approach.

Starting with a workplace roadmap we describe the journey from current workplace to a modern cloud workplace concept (preparation, designing, layout & migration, pilot, enrollment).

I’ve enabled one of our clients to transform from a traditional datacenter hosted application landscape to Azure Service Fabric. From the business case, the high level design, infrastructure as code pipeline to the actual application transition I’ve been the frontrunner.
Joran Markx
I like to play a leading-role in the “cloud team” at the client, helping to make the cloud journey a success using our deep knowledge, experience and best-practices of AWS.
Bart Boonen

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