How we migrated the CubicEyes app to AWS



CubicEyesis an application and website provider for Real Estate Agents. Their main applicationisEyeMove,abroker informationsystemused to share information and estate photos/mapsinternally and between brokers. 

CubicEyesapproached AWSfor a Partner to help to migrate their existing application to AWS, as they are also creating a new application which they had decided to host on AWS and wanted a proper Landing Zone to later add their new application onto.


CloudNation is an advanced consulting partner and has the experience and skills to migrate various workloads to AWS. We accomplish this by providing the right consultants, tools, workshops, and technical support to deliver a complete and successful migration. The result will be the acceleration of your cloud adoption journey.


CloudNation created a custom Windows Server AMI, which is used during deployment. After which the latest code is gathered from S3 and deployed to the corresponding web applications. Required third-party software is available in the AMI or reactivated/installed during launch when necessary.   All infrastructure was deployed using CloudFormation templates that are deployed with CodePipeline from the same CodeCommit  repository. Since CubicEyes had no previous experience with Infrastructure as Code, a training session and several knowledge transfers were done with their lead engineer in which the deployment using Ansible  / CodeCommit  / CodePipeline / CloudFormation was thoroughly explained and demonstrated. 


Our challenge

EyeMove is a traditional IIS application for which CubicEyes wanted to realize a cost reduction without impacting performance (and where possible, improve performance and manageability). We were bound to Windows as an operating system, so, to achieve this, the server housing their media and files was replaced with an FSx file system and Redis was replaced with AWS Managed Redis. AWS Directory Services was introduced to grant rights to applicable resources and reduce maintenance workload. An AWS Maintenance Window is set up for automated patching of ec2 VMs. Applicable resources are automatically turned off outside of work hours for the Acceptance environment. AWS RDS for Microsoft SQL Server was introduced to reduce workloads concerning backup (storage) and management. The existing AppVeyor deployment pipelines were improved and connected to the Acceptance and Production environment from the respective code pipeline, increasing the manageability and reliability of production deployments. 


As a result CubicEyes now has:


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