Meer zekerheid voor de zorg dankzij de migratie van VECOZO Azure

NEN 7510 Compliant Azure Migration

Samen met Innvolve, hebben we VECOZO geholpen aan een Azure infrastructuur die klaar is voor de toekomst, met meer veiligheid en betrouwbaarheid voor alle gebruikers.



The 200 people working at VECOZO work hard every day to contribute to cost control in healthcare. The target was to optimize costs of our national platform for communication in healthcare with even better compliancy and security.

We designed and implemented a brand-new hosting platform based on Azure, supporting the combination of cutting-edge technology and legacy components.


When starting the project, we noticed that even though we tried various ways to engage the client team, we were building a highway at high speed, but practically no one was following. Even though they eventually are to take over our work. So we tried the complete opposite of what one would expect and actually completely shut them out. Since no one likes to be shut out, this caught their attention immediately. Now, 80% of the team is actively engaged in the project, getting Azure training and certification and getting ready to take over when we finished building their ‘highway’.


At the project start we’ve helped VECOZO with building a sound business case which was representative for the potential savings on their communication platform. The other challenging part of the business case was about mapping the complex compliancy & risk requirements (NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 of the organization to the features of the Azure platform.

To validate the business case, we’ve built a Proof-of-Concept (POC) environment based on the high-level design. Feasibility was proven by migrating one of the most demanding applications to the Azure platform. Scenarios identified were Rehosting of Virtual Machines, Rehosting of SQL Server and replatforming it to Virtual Machine Scalesets with Service Fabric.

In our projects we strive to zero-ops, which means that the environment should be deployed and run with zero or a least a minimal amount of human interactions. We achieve this by configuring the infrastructure as code (IAAC), which provides a stable and rebuildable environment, with the least amount of human errors. In this project we’ve chosen to build our infrastructure from release pipelines in Azure DevOps.

Our challenge

Meeting the deadline of only 1,5 years to complete the entire migration of over 300 applications, whilst finding solutions for the complex regulatory and privacy related issues of the project. At the same time engaging the current team in a new way of thinking and working and managing a diversity of stakeholders with different interests.

Tools & skills

The platform consists of a landing zone which provides a solid foundation for security and compliancy. On this landing zone multiple Windows Server 2019 Virtual Machines, Scalesets and Azure Service Fabric clusters provide a platform for native or containerized apps which have a data layer in SQL Azure Database or a SQL Managed Instance. For certain cases we use the Azure Storage account for storing large blobs.

Kim Willemse, Azure Cloud Consultant

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