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Part 2: Accelerate in the cloud, with both feet on the ground

Public cloud has gained a lot of ground in the past few years and has become a crucial part in the IT transformation for many organisations. But while defining a strategy to transform your IT, issues will always arise. We wrote this e-Book to support organisations in determining their policy and making decisions.

Apart from the positioning of multicloud, we get into software defined infrastructure as a base for IT transformation, best practices for being successful in the cloud, managed services and last but not least: an overview of questions that you should ask your cloud service provider about multicloud.

In chapter 2 you will read about:

  • A different perspective on the IT landscape;
  • Software-defined infrastructure;
  • Implications for the organization;
  • Infrastructure as code in a multicloud environment.
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Chapter 2 - The IT operating model in the cloud

An IT operating model is the strategic intent of IT converted into operational capabilities. A carefully crafted IT operating model helps organizations respond more quickly to all kinds of developments. The cloud-enabled IT operating model is directly related to people/roles, processes and technology. This chapter focuses on the technological aspects that need to be considered when introducing cloud solutions.