How to get AWS certified? CloudNation celebrates 50 AWS certifications

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Publish date: 28 January 2021

With the AWS Partner Network, qualified partners from all over the world get the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and passion through AWS Certification achievements. Recently CloudNation reached the huge milestone of getting 50 certifications within the organisation! This means that we have officially earned our very first APN Distinction and we are celebrating by sharing our tips and tricks to get AWS certified with you. 


APN Certification Distinction

The APN Certification Distinctions are rewarded to companies who have collectively achieved a certain amount of AWS Certifications. How many certifications a company has, says everything about the amount of AWS expertise is available to costumers needs.  

Why get AWS Certified

AWS Certifications are an industry wide recognized credential. They help your organisation stand out from the crowd by highlighting your cloud expertise in specific areas. The certifications are a validation of knowledge and serve like a trust indicator for (potential) clients.

How to get AWS Certified?

Our AWS certified consultants would love to share some of their personal tips and tricks on how to get AWS certified with you:

  1. First things first
    Are you new to the whole AWS Certification thing? AWS Cloud Practitioner is the perfect start for ambitious practitioners without a strong IT background. You can slowly work your way up to Professional or Specialty certifications from there. Aim for at least two certifications to make you/your company stand out from the rest. 
  2. Don't skip content
    It can be very tempting to skip content in the learning process when you have a lot of pratical experience in AWS, but you really shouldn't. Instead, take your time to brush up on the fine details of the content. It will be worth it.
  3. Join an online course
    Follow an online course at for example CloudAcademy. They provide the perfect combination between technical and practical content and interesting labs. At the end of a course you get a practice exam to test your knowledge. CloudAcademy also allows you to work with custom content. Interested? Give us a call! CloudNation would happily help you set it up. Want to get a taste of the possibilities first? Try CloudAcademy for free for the first 7 days. 
  4. Practice makes perfect
    Practice, practice, practice! The final exams usually have around 60 questions, so you want to practice as many as you can. There's plenty of possibilities to practice questions, for example on Exam Topics. Make sure to check 'discussions' to see the right answer and the explanation for the answer. It's very insightful. 
  5. You don't have to do it alone
    Is self study not your thing? Don't worry! CloudNation has certified trainers who can help you in becoming 'exam ready' within one day. Leave your details below to learn what our trainers can do for you(r company).

Once you feel like you are ready to smash the exam, you can schedule yours at aws.training. Good luck!

"For the AWS Architect Associate exam you need to be able to turn requirements into high-performing, cost-effective solutions. Make sure you know your AWS Services' strengths and limitations."
Marlon Parmentier, AWS Solutions Architect Associate​


"AWS Certificate no. 5 with more on the way! The security specialty focuses on getting encryption and IAM done right. A fundamental skill that all DevOps engineers should have!"
Luuk van Rutten, AWS Security Specialty​


"This exam is developer focused and it's a bit different than Solution Architect. Use practice labs to get more hands-on experience, which will help building up Serverless knowledge. Understand services such as API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito, KMS and Kinesis. Make sure you deeply understand AWS core services and AWS security best practices! To verify your knowledge, do some practice exams and skim through the whitepapers/faq's."
Chunsang Lai, AWS Developer Associate

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Publish date: 28 January 2021

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