CloudNation & Microsoft Azure Migration Factory: a cloud journey at low cost

Ruben van den Hoven
Publish date: 5 December 2023

In September 2023, Microsoft introduced the Azure Migration Factory, a program aimed at supporting organizations in their move to the cloud. This initiative is designed to facilitate a swift, scalable, and cost-effective transition to Azure, with guidance provided by certified partners throughout the entire cloud journey.

The Migration Factory provides a complimentary migration process conducted by Microsoft engineers. This team handles migrations without the need for refactoring or optimization. The program offers a scalable team of professionals to aid in Azure migrations. The primary objective is to ensure a smooth and efficient migration without disrupting business operations. It is particularly beneficial for customers with out-of-support SQL Server and Windows Servers, large dev test environments, disaster recovery setups, and applications requiring an urgent move to the cloud without optimizations.

CloudNation, as a specialized Microsoft Azure partner, has exclusive access to utilize this program for its customers. The collaboration between the Migration Factory team and CloudNation offers a powerful synergy for organizations undergoing their digital transformation to the cloud. CloudNation acts as a central coordinator during this 'cloud journey.' The CloudNation team brings expertise in building a scalable and secure foundation, addressing complex challenges during migration. With valuable insights, CloudNation plays a crucial role in designing a strategy that seamlessly fits your organization's specific needs.

In contrast, the Migration Factory team handles the hands-on implementation. They specialize in the swift construction and migration of straightforward workloads within Azure. Their expertise guarantees a fast and seamless transition, complete with a configuration optimized specifically for the Azure platform.

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An additional benefit of the partnership between Microsoft and CloudNation is access to 'Azure Migrate and Modernize' partner financing from Microsoft. This means that in addition to the free deployment of the Migration Factory team, many of the services provided by CloudNation are also subsidized by Microsoft, significantly reducing the financial burden on our customers who use these services. This funding program is specifically designed to support organizations in their migration and modernization efforts, lowering the barrier to moving to the cloud and making it an attractive option for a wide range of organizations.

Is your organization at the beginning of the cloud journey and are you exploring Microsoft Azure? Are you dreading the complexity and high costs involved in a cloud transformation? We would like to start an exploratory conversation to investigate how CloudNation in combination with the Migration Factory can eliminate these concerns!

Get in touch with Ruben van den Hoven (06-27226644 of ruben.vandenhoven@cloudnation.nl) for more information or an exploratory conversation.

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Ruben van den H-2
Ruben van den Hoven
Publish date: 5 December 2023

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