The power of Azure Marketplace: Five benefits for ISVs

Ruben van den Hoven
Publish date: 9 January 2024

In the ever-changing world of cloud technology, CloudNation plays an essential role in guiding Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in their journey to Microsoft Azure's Public Cloud. A frequent topic among this customer group is the question of whether the Microsoft Azure Marketplace (Marketplace) adds value for them. 

It has come to our attention that numerous organizations harbor misconceptions about the Marketplace. One prevalent misunderstanding revolves around the perceived complexity of publishing solutions. Additionally, there is a common expectation that for software to be viable for purchase through the Marketplace, it must seamlessly facilitate highly automated deployment.

Let's get straight to the point, Marketplace is not a magical place where your software solution is sold en masse without any sales effort. However, we strongly recommend that you consider using Marketplace. In this blog we give five crucial reasons to start using Marketplace for your organization.

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1. Co-selling with Microsoft Sales Teams

The Azure Marketplace provides access to a Microsoft portal where ISVs can share their sales opportunities with Microsoft sales teams. These teams aim to support the success of ISVs with their end customers. This includes access to important stakeholders, facilitating strategic sessions and guidance in complex purchasing processes. This direct channel to Microsoft's resources and network is an invaluable asset for ISVs. Did you know that Marketplace revenue is part of the sales goals of these teams?


2.Sell globally without local restrictions

Through Marketplace, ISVs can sell products globally without having to worry about local entities, complicated laws and regulations, and complex billing. Microsoft assumes these logistical and financial burdens, with your organization receiving the full deal value from Microsoft. This opens doors to international markets with minimal effort.


3. Setting up a global partner channel

Marketplace makes it easy for ISVs to build a global network of dealers and partners. These partners can sell your solutions via Marketplace and have the option to offer additional services such as professional services or support. This significantly increases the scope of your product and prevents you from having to provide a platform for resellers of your solution yourself.


4. Financial security and risk mitigation

Microsoft assumes the risk of daily exchange rate changes and non-payment or bankruptcy for a fee of just 2% of the deal value. For smaller ISVs with strategic customers, this can be an attractive way to ensure the financial health of their business.


5. Simplification of purchasing processes at large organizations

Many large organizations and government agencies have complex purchasing processes or have to tender. Since Microsoft is often already contracted with these entities, ISVs can sell their software solution through the Microsoft contracts by making it part of the monthly Microsoft invoice via Marketplace. This enables end customers to purchase solutions without complicated purchasing processes with purchasing or having to draw up a tender for tens of thousands of euros.


Changes in purchasing behavior in the B2B market

Several leading research firms point to a significant shift in the B2B purchasing landscape. More and more purchases are made digitally. This trend is driven by changing preferences and behaviors of buyers, who increasingly value speed, convenience and autonomy in the purchasing process.

The digital transformation, which is happening across all sectors, has led to a proliferation of online platforms and digital tools that make it easier for B2B buyers to research, compare and purchase products and services without the traditional, direct interaction with sellers. This development is not only a response to changing market dynamics, but also to technological advances that make digital transactions more efficient and secure. In this way, the digital route becomes not only a preference but also a norm in the B2B sales world.

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Are you taking the step to the Azure Marketplace?

CloudNation has extensive experience in guiding ISVs in their Cloud journey to Microsoft Azure and also the necessary experience to enable your organization to successfully use the Marketplace. We are ready to talk to your organization and investigate how we can best support you in this journey.




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Ruben van den H-2
Ruben van den Hoven
Publish date: 9 January 2024

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