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Managed Cloud ServiceS

Together we manage and innovate your cloud environment!

The concept of a managed service provider (MSP) exists for a long time now.

Most companies have heard of it and it is having a specific definition of the concept. The cloud brings a lot of conveniences and changes the way we think of infrastructure; but why is the Managed Service Providers still oriented the same? We have tried to rethink the definition MSP to the ‘new’ way of working that aligns with the cloud concepts.

Instead of only maintaining your environment; our focus is to bring you as a customer to the next level. The cloud is changing fast and it can be difficult to keep up with these changes, here is where we come in.

We help maintaining your current cloud environment, help you rebuilding your environment to keep up to date and we will help you get known with newer services that are offered by the Cloud Providers. This is done by closely working together and recurring workshops.

What does Managed Cloud Services provide?

Cloud Operation

We will keep your cloud services up-to-date and help you design your environment as low ops as possible. This will help you in the long term to keep you focused on your core business.

Cloud Optimize

We will keep your cloud environment as optimized as possible. This can be a newer version of a cloud service or the right scaling of your environment to prevent performance issues.

Cloud Monitoring

We will monitor your cloud environment 24/7. Based on these data we will act to improve or fix your environment.

Innovate & Advise

Cloud providers innovate at a rapid pace. To profit from these innovations, we will help you start using these innovations to keep your platform/environment up to date.

Multi-cloud experience

CloudNation is not only focused on one specific cloud provider. We believe that every cloud provider can bring specific benefits to you as a customer. Multi-cloud brings a level of extra complexity, luckily for you, we have the needed experience to help you reach your goal.


Education is an important topic within the CloudNation culture. To help in the long term we focus on education for our customers. Because of this, we will organize recurrent workshops focused on specific topics or innovation.

Cost Management & Reporting

The cloud has created a new role within the operations teams and this role is focused on cost management. The cloud offers unlimited scalability and if there are no policies configured it can be an expensive cost element. After years of experience within the cloud, we have created best-practices that will prevent those unexpected costs.

Do you want to know more?

Just give us a call if you want to learn more about our knowledge, experience and what we can do for you. No strings attached.

Instant support or help with your Azure, AWS or OCI issues? CloudNation Office Hours, fast response and No strings attached !

CloudNation now offers Cloud Office hours every Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00.