AWS DevOps Competency Partner

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How we practice DevOps

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to easily create and manage cloud resources, provisioning and updating them in an automated, orderly and predictable fashion.
Continuous Integration (CI) to securely store and version IaC source code.
Continuous Delivery (CD) to automatically build, test, and deploy your application.
Microservices as a design approach to build applications as a set of small services, so that it is easy to manage, scale and tune infrastructure and applications.
Communication and Collaboration is encouraged through tooling and automation of the software delivery process, so that all parts of the organization are aligned more closely on goals and projects.

Our AWS DevOps Solutions

Cloud Billing
Multi-Account Architecture & Governance
Application Infrastructure Deployment Automation

Technologies used

AWS Organizations
AWS CloudFormation
AWS CodeCommit
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodePipeline
Boto3 (AWS SDK)

How we helped others using our DevOps methodology

Regas The compelling event for Regas to migrate their software platform to a Public Cloud platform was initiated due to some continuity issues in their outsourced managed hosting… Read Regas' Story
iQM Designing a high-performing, easy to maintain web application and migrating from on-premise in three months while keeping costs … Read iQM's Story
BuyBay The main challenge of the redesign was to design many different components and services using infrastructure as code, while improving on the current setup … Read BuyBay's Story

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