We have developed a number of compelling service packages which will support you with your planning, onboarding and execution of your cloud strategy.


How to get started with cloud

Cloud is not the goal, it is a vehicle to achieve higher IT agility, which will drive faster innovation and potentially lower cost for your organization to continuously improve your performance. Many organizations have defined cloud as a must. However, without serious alignment with business objectives there is no clear view on business outcomes.

We focus on alignment between your business and IT, as well as clear sponsorship from multiple stakeholders to ensure faster adoption of cloud and your return on investment (ROI).



During a number of workshops CloudNation will support you in defining your cloud strategy and create a program roadmap of next steps to be undertaken. 



Once business objectives and the cloud transformation strategy are aligned, it is time to start with the next stages.



We provide devops as a managed service to development teams and businesses who run or want to run applications in the cloud.

Cloud Adoption

The adoption of cloud is not just a technology transformation play, people and processes will be impacted by the adoption of cloud.

The definition of your target IT operating model will need to be part of your planning exercise to ensure your organization will get the most out of the transformation.


Continuous Learning Platform

At CloudNation it is our goal to empower customers and make sure they are self-supporting in their ability to manage the cloud infrastructure and micro-services. 


Landing Zone as a Service

Public cloud environments can easily grow beyond a point of lack of control, which leads to longer migration cycles, fragmented IT systems, higher cross-team interdependencies and increasing operating costs.


Continuous Value Delivery

The continuous value delivery is a comprehensive service which delivers continuous innovation, fully automated governance and scalability as well as an accelerator for cost saving.

I’ve enabled one of our clients to transform from a traditional datacenter hosted application landscape to Azure Service Fabric. From the business case, the high level design, infrastructure as code pipeline to the actual application transition I’ve been the frontrunner.
Joran Markx
I like to play a leading-role in the “cloud team” at the client, helping to make the cloud journey a success using our deep knowledge, experience and best-practices of AWS.
Bart Boonen

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