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Cloud Security

You take the leap, we secure your journey.

Security is considered as one of the most important hurdles by many organizations when executing their plans to transform IT and move to the cloud.

As data, systems and services move to the cloud, organizations expose themselves to severe challenges in security, governance and compliance.

Not only does cloud computing change the way users interact with data and applications, it also changes the way IT and business operate. The shift from a traditional operating model to a cloud operating model will have impact on people, process and technology.


Where do we begin?
What do we need to comply with?
How do we stay in control of our data?

These are questions we often hear. We believe that creating awareness within the organization is an important first step towards building and maintaining secure cloud environments. Cloud security is often perceived as complex as many are not aware of who is responsible for what. Besides this, cloud transformation is not only related to a change in technology, but it also has an impact on people and processes. Our approach smoothens these bumps by taking all aspects into account and making sure security becomes ‘job zero’ for your organization. It is time to put the appropriate processes and controls in place to ensure continuous security and compliance in the cloud.

Our Share in your Journey

When it comes to cloud security, every customer journey is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to security and compliance in the cloud. Whether you are already in the cloud or planning to move, we offer flexible solutions that fit your needs. 

We provide cloud security advisory and support before, during and after project implementation.

We define your cloud-first strategy by identifying critical assets. A clear cloud security-first strategy is critical for managing the complexity and risks introduced by the cloud. Additionally, it facilitates the road to governance and compliance with applicable regulations and corporate security policies.

We raise awareness amongst stakeholders by means of workshops and training to set a healthy basis for cloud security and help them make better business-risk decisions.

We provide risk management and mitigation before, during and after cloud migration to minimize threat exposure throughout the project.

We analyze your current cloud environment against industry best practices and make recommendations with respect to security, governance, resource optimization and cloud spend. We do this through our CloudNation HealthCheck

We assess your organization and confirm your security and compliancy requirements to identify existing gaps between your requirements and your current situation.

We provide automation and integration to ensure that systems and policies remain in compliance with best practices and industry standards.

We provide training and learning for your security teams to enable them to apply cloud security best practice and stay compliant with external regulations and internal security policies.

Container Security

Embracing cloud-native technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes is essential for creating value advantage ahead of the competition. Especially now, in the Cloud era, going cloud-native is the way to go. As the adoption of these new containers technologies grows, so should concerns about the security of containerized environments. Ensuring that everything running in your containerized environment is running as intended needs to be priority number one.

Serverless Security

Adopting serverless computing, such as AWS Lambda and Azure Functions is fundamental to successfully utilizing the full potential of the Cloud. Securing it, however, can be challenging as visibility becomes more difficult and new attack vectors are introduced. The serverless operational model requires a paradigm shift in how application security is viewed. It is our experience that serverless security risks need to be tackled as early as possible in the design phase to limit abuse later on.


When moving to DevOps, security should also play an integrated part of the development lifecycle of your applications. Older securty approaches often form a bottleneck in the modern continuous delivery pipeline and as a result, security is completely ignored. Modern problems require modern solutions. DevSecOps is all about built-in security and integrating two opposing goals - speed and security - from start to end. As we are cloud-born, we have adopted this way of working right away.


Download now our one-pager to get to know the five best practices that every roadmap to cloud security should incorporate.

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