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BuyBay AWS redesign

How we helped buybay redesign their aws architecture


With various applications running in AWS for quite some time, the goal of the BuyBay redesign was to improve the architecture for security, cost-efficiency, operations automation and reliability.


The redesign of the BuyBay environment happened in a highly collaborative environment. Personnel was highly skilled but did not have the AWS experience and time available to fully support this transformation alone.

The project was done in a multi-disciplinary agile team, where business stakeholders, data scientists, DevOps engineers, and cloud engineers were able to share knowledge and experience.


The technology redesign helped for various pillars. Applications and application environments were decoupled to enable more reliable deployments and operations. Both infrastructural components and application code components were fully deployed using CI/CD pipelines.

Other improvements were gained by automated alerting & recovery, cost optimization by automated stop/start events and further improved security by reducing the attack surface of the application infrastructure. Also, the business intelligence environment was decoupled from the main web applications, allowing for more isolated development of both environments.

Our challenge

The main challenge of the redesign was to design many different components and services using infrastructure as code, while improving on the current setup. There were many dependencies between application changes and the infrastructure changes, so a careful planning was made in which all these dependencies were mapped and planned in advance.

Also, multiple web applications, websites and business intelligence environment required significant amounts of data to be migrated at the same time. And all of this was done in just three months.

BuyBay selected CloudNation to implement and maintain their AWS environment.

Tools & Skills

The services used allow for automation of infrastructure and application deployment in a highly available architecture.

AWS Lambda
AWS Athena
AWS Glue
AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
AWS RDS Aurora
AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
AWS Simple Systems Manager (SSM)
AWS CodeCommit
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CloudFormation
I’ve enabled one of our clients to transform from a traditional datacenter hosted application landscape to Azure Service Fabric. From the business case, the high level design, infrastructure as code pipeline to the actual application transition I’ve been the frontrunner.
Joran Markx
I like to play a leading-role in the “cloud team” at the client, helping to make the cloud journey a success using our deep knowledge, experience and best-practices of AWS.
Bart Boonen
Agility and shorter time to market

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