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From Managed Hosting to Public Cloud: A Successful Migration for Stress Reducing App Meditation Moments

CloudNation teamed up with Meditation Moments to move them from a managed hosting provider to the public cloud. This way, Meditation Moments can ensure their customers enjoy improved uptime, allowing them to use the app anytime during the day, and it also offers scalability.

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The story of Meditation Moments

Meditation Moments, an app designed to alleviate stress, enhance sleep quality, and foster a positive mindset, emerged in 2018 through the collaborative efforts of four co-founders. Over the span of just a few years, the company has blossomed into a thriving enterprise. With its app, Meditation Moments has positively impacted the lives of over 1 million individuals, and this figure continues to expand. The company is driven by a noble mission: to provide a daily moment of serenity to 100 million people.


The Challenge

Before migrating to the public cloud, Meditation Moments used a managed hosting provider. Due to the explosive growth in the number of users, it became increasingly difficult to guarantee uptime, which became increasingly important. That is why Meditation Moments started looking for an alternative that could grow with the company and at the same time offer high availability.

Although the founders of Meditation Moments were already familiar with cloud technology, they had no experience running large applications and setting up a complete infrastructure. That's why they partnered up with CloudNation.

The Choice For CloudNation and AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the most logical choice for Meditation Moments, because their codebase connected well with the various services of AWS. This integration played a decisive role in choosing AWS. In addition, they had heard positive experiences about CloudNation from other customers. After CloudNation successfully completed a migration a client of Meditation Moments, they were convinced to partner with the same consultancy for their own migration.

Lightning Fast to the Public Cloud

CloudNation's consultants built an application architecture that ensured high app availability, introducing containers. To start with, a Proof of Concept was built in a test environment.

The final live migration took only thirty minutes. The time of the migration was chosen very carefully, because the app is mainly used in the morning and evening. That's why the migration took place during the day, to ensure that users experienced as little disruption as possible from the transition to AWS.

Mike Ronday, CEO of Mediation Moments, said: "We didn't want our users to experience downtime while using the app. That would really bother them as they use the app to experience peace of mind. Our goal during the migration was therefore to have 0 downtime and to have as much live data run side by side as possible. In the end, we migrated to the cloud without downtime."


The Results

The downtime of the application has become virtually nil after the migration. In addition, the app is now more stable than before. Peak times in app usage can be easily accommodated thanks to the scalability of AWS. In this way, the company can continue to work towards achieving their mission: to allow more people to experience a moment of peace every day.

Cloud tip from Joey De Decker, CTO Meditation Moments: "Migrating and operating on the public cloud takes more time than you think and it's more difficult than you think. Although resources are unlimited, you have to prepare well and keep looking at the efficiency of everything. Take enough time to find out everything, because it's a whole new world."


The right tools and skills

The AWS Services and tooling used in the Meditation Moments environment
Amazon S3
Elastic Load Balancing
AWS CloudWatch
AWS CloudTrail
Amazon EC2
CloudNation HQ

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